Medicine in the Anthropocene


The world has entered a new geological epoch in which society is a dominant force of ecological change. Moving deeper into the Anthropocene will accelerate the metamorphosis of human health systems.

I study how medical systems are transforming in response to profound reorientations of global socio-ecological systems. My research looks beyond incremental changes to existing health care models toward more radical health system innovations. Around the world, people are searching for ways to secure long-term human and environmental wellbeing amid ecological crises and social upheavals accompanying the end of economic growth as an organizing principle for society. This blog is a place to collect ideas, stories, and emerging practices for medicine in the Anthropocene. In sharing early iterations of my research questions, theoretical orientation, and practical ideas for positive health system transitions, it is also a form of autoethnography tracking the research process.

I also post on and Navigators of the Anthropocene.

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