Katharine Zywert

I work at the intersection of social-ecological systems change and health.

My PhD research is about the long-term prospects for human health and wellbeing on a planet in ecological crisis. We are living through a watershed moment. Rapid and profound changes are unfolding in our ecosystems, political economies, social arrangements, and health systems. Many of the ways of living we are used to will not survive the transition to a new social-ecological order. For me, this realization is both difficult and hopeful. I believe a benevolent transition is still possible, but I also know it will be rife with tension, paradox, and complexity. My dissertation tells the story of an unlikely assemblage of ideas, practices, and structures that could become the cornerstones of health systems in the Anthropocene.

Ensuring a benevolent transition toward more resilient systems will take all of our collective wisdom and our capacity to act. My consulting  work is about nudging systems toward new patterns of organization that enable long-term sustainability, equity, and health. As a Strategic Implementation Lead at Openly, I work with an incredible team to elevate the hearts and work of purpose-driven changemakers.

Please reach out if you would like to connect: katharinezywert@gmail.com